Show 190: Changing Your Mindset With Melissa Machat

By Willie Morales | 05/19/2021 |

About Melissa:Melissa is an entrepreneur and founded Re-Align Coaching and Consulting to help empower and teach entrepreneurs how to elevate their mindset, accelerate sales, and make the perfect hire in their business so they can scale with ease. With more than ten years of sales experience, over $100 Million in Volume Sold in Residential Real…

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Show 189: Protecting Yourself With Insurance Featuring Galen Hair

By Willie Morales | 05/15/2021 |

About Galen: Galen M. Hair, an aggressive and relentless litigator, is licensed in multiple states and boasts clients from around the world. With large wins both at home and across the country and an impressive record of favorable results, Mr. Hair gained a reputation for getting the job done both inside and outside the court…

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Show 188: Getting Leads Through TV Commercials With Tony Javier

By Willie Morales | 05/12/2021 |

About Tony: Tony Javier is the owner of an INC 5000 rated Real Estate Investment Company. He has been investing in Real Estate since 2001 and has done close to 1,000 flips. Since Tony has automated his Real Estate Investing business, he concentrates his time on helping Real Estate Investors through his Masterminds, Gap Funding,…

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Show 187: Talking Real Estate Market Changes With Natasha Carroll

By Willie Morales | 05/06/2021 |

About Natasha We Know The Local Market We know the Houston, Texas real estate market like the back of our hand and we believe that should be a given for any real estate professional you consider working with. Local expertise, or “market knowledge” can be the difference between you overpaying or getting a great deal,…

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Show 186: Designing For a Purpose With Blima Ehrentreu

By Willie Morales | 05/06/2021 |

About Blima After graduating with her masters’ degree in interior architecture and design and gaining experience at an international architectural firm, Blima founded The Designers Group. Initially exclusively in Canada, the firm is now headquartered in New York with Miami and Toronto offices. At The Designers Group, the team prides itself on their wide range…

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Show 185: Don’t want to be a Landlord! Use Notes To Invest in Real Estate W/ Martin Saenz

By Willie Morales | 04/21/2021 |

About Martin: Martin Saenz brings social good into smart investing. Martin is a Managing Partner of Bequest Funds. Renowned as a thought leader in the mortgage note investment industry, Martin is generous with his firsthand expertise, to the benefit of his many clients and followers. Genuine, loyal, and passionate about creating a better world through…

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Special Show : Using The FHA Loan to Get into Real Estate

By Willie Morales | 04/17/2021 |

There are a few ways to invest in real estate, for example besides owning a home, there are rentals, if you want to be a landlord, Investing in Reits among other things. But have you thought about House Hacking? In other words, how about buying a multifamily home? you can use a FHA Loan to…

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Show 184: Helping Her Clients Achieve Their Dreams With Molly Humble

By Willie Morales | 04/14/2021 |

About Molly: I have called Las Vegas my home since childhood. I have personally seen and experienced the evolution of this beautiful city into what thousands of people, both locally and globally, get to enjoy every day! As a Las Vegas native, I understand what makes our community, and those who call it home so…

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Show 183: Convert More Leads Using Digital Marketing With Alex Caragiannides

By Willie Morales | 04/07/2021 |

About Alex: Alex started his career in the Mortgage industry. After moving to San Diego, he worked as a telemarketer at a large Mortgage company making about $300 per week. When he discovered the best opportunity for advancement was to become a Loan Officer, that is what he did. But he did not love the…

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Show Special: Preparing For Potential Tax Increase With David Warrick

By Willie Morales | 04/04/2021 |

This special episode with David Warrick from “The Tax Reduction Network” we talk about the potential tax hikes: About: David Warrick, CFP EA has been an accounting and tax professional for over 25+ years, working primarily with businesses owners, the high net worth individual, and the executive seeking personal and business tax reduction advice. Upon…

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